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Products to GROW your Consignment, Resale or Thrift Shop: Your shop's doing fine...but you know it could be doing great. Not content to be "just another resale shop", you use the Products for the Professional Resaler on this page to keep your resale, consignment or thrift shop growing.

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Promotion ideas especialy for resale shops from TGtbT.com

229 Promotional Events
for Resale & Consignment Shops

229 suggestions for every type of shop, every budget. Includes A Year of Great Plans to keep you organized so your events are a joy!
Promotions Step-by-Step
Don't worry because you don't know what to do first: take it step by step.

If your shop is not THE place to SEE and be SEEN...
you need this Product for the Professional Resaler!

229 Promotional Events  $15.99

Don't let the excitement die. Get full value from your event before, during, and after by adding Promote with Pizzazz to your purchase

Grow your Business

Drop and Run is a MUST for every resale and consignment  shop

Promote with Pizzazz includes worksheets

Make the Media Love You , presented by Too Good to be THrew

Drop-&-Run Kit
Put this incredible boost to use in your shop TOMORROW Includes Camera-Ready Layouts for:
Signs to launch your competitive edge
Info Handouts highlighting consignor benefits
D & R Labels for easy consignor participation
Daily Activity Sheet to track your success
AND Complete Instructions to get you started
IMPROVED: Versions for both Consignment AND Buy-Outright Shops now included at one low price!

Available as a PDQ  $15

Promote with Pizzazz
Producing Profitable Promotional Events for your Resale Customers
is the subtitle and in 11 chapters, complete with worksheets to fill out for each event, you have all the tools you need to turn your idea into a profitable reality! Companion volume to 229 Promotional Events.
Available as a PDQ $17.99  
Grabbing Their Attention: How to Make the Media Love You
A Too Good to be Threw Product for the Professional Resaler written by Sarah Deveau of Cater Tot Consignment. Getting on television and radio as a guest is the ultimate validation of your business and an incredible business- and reputation-booster which cannot be bought at any price. It can be done, however, for virtually free following Sarah's advice!
Available as a PDQ $4.99
Drop-&-Run Kit
Promote with Pizzazz
Grabbing Their Attention

Products for the Professional Resaler

Selling MORE to MORE People MORE Often

Bag Sales Dollar Racks & BOGO Deals Clear out and Clean UP!

Beat Garage and Yard and Tag Sales

Selling MORE...to MORE People...MORE Often
From 10 Steps to Build Bigger Sales all the way thru to How to Increase Store Traffic, this booklet is chock-ful of ideas to increase your bottom line by moving more product every day. 
Available as a PDQ $19.95  
Bag Sale$, Dollar Rack$ & BOGO Deal$ 
* What to include and What NOT to include Deciding which type of sale
* Where, When, For how long†
* How much per bag?†
* Why Dollar Racks don't have to be $1†
* Making it a public relations hit
* The "sale rack on the sidewalk" trick†
* How left-overs can be even more valuable
Available as a PDQ $19.95  
12 Ways to BEAT Garage Sales
You can compete with them. What, you say, you don't need to...your clientele wouldnít be caught dead at a garage sale? Donít be so sure! Do your weekend sales go into in a slump during garage sale season? If so, there are simple and inexpensive solutions. Cultivate a few, and watch your sales grow!
Available as a PDQ $9.95 or Buy it hard-copy
Selling MORE...
Bag Sale$, Dollar Rack$...
BEAT Garage Sales

TGtbT.com: Helping Your Shop be All You Dream it Can Be

Switching Seasons is easy in resale and consignment shops

Frequent Buyer Cards, Frequent Shoppers, Savvy Savers! 

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The 15-Step Approach to PROFIT
in our Luncheonette Mini-Products

Other popular Layout Idea Kits:
Complete Customer Opinion Survey Kit
Customer Service Brochures

See all our Layout Idea Kits

How to Switch Seasons Easily & Profitably
If you have trouble every season-change with too much last-season, not enough this-season...or if your shop looks messy and disorganized every time you switch seasons...or if your business slows down "in between seasons"...then you need How to Switch Seasons Easily & Profitably
Available as a PDQ $10.95
Your Frequent Buyer Card Now Expanded & Updated!
Loyalty cards are carried by more than 90% of shoppers. Should one of those cards be yours?
Read how to encourage more shoppers to shop more often, buy more, and build loyalty to your business. Includes all the info you need, some sample layouts to get you started, ready-to-use in-store signage and even staff badges! 
Available as a PDQ  $20

Kate's Build your Business Tip o'the Day: If you have a "walkout" rate of 80% (4 out of 5 donít buy today), that means you are selling to 20%. If you can sell to just one of those 4 "not today"ers, youíll be selling to 30% of your customers, which is a 50% increase in satisfied customers!
--From 101 Daily Tips, one of our Luncheonette Products

Switch Seasons
Your FBC Guide

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TGtbT.com is the premier web site for professional resalers. Start a consignment, resale or thrift store with our free articles and the TGtbT.com Products for the Professional Resaler. Interested in how to open a consignment shop, business plans, operating your shop, consignment software and selling secondhand clothes, upscale designer fashions, children's gear or used furniture? Consignment shops, resale stores, thrift stores and consignment sales use Too Good to be Threw. As a lifelong member of NARTS and a consignment consultant, our information is designed specifically for the resale industry.

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