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How to start a consignment shop, open a resale store, and love it!

Been thinking about how to open a secondhand store? Or want to start a non-profit thrift store? It's a great business, and can be immensely profitable: to you, your community, and your neighbors. Learn how to run a consignment shop, how much money a resale shop can make, and how to open a thrift store. Increase your knowledge, your profits, and the ease with which you operate your shop with TGtbT Products for the Professional Resaler and succeed.

Start a consignment shop, open a resale shop...and make the one you have better with TGtbT.comHelp, not hype.
That's what Too Good to be Threw offers you when you want to open a consignment or resale shop.


The first investment is Too Good to be Threw, The Complete Operations Manual for Resale & Consignment Shops. Save tens or even hundreds of times its cost even before you open your doors. 

Save with the Beginner's Luck Package:  

  1. Too Good to be Threw  Complete Operations Manual
    See the Table of Contents      Read the Introduction
  2. Shop SIZZLE Make your shop look like a million without spending it!
  3. Secrets of Successful Resalers Insider info on what works. Includes 9 "Million Dollar" Ideas.

Get all 3: the Manual in hard copy, plus the 2 PDQ files Shop Sizzle and Secrets, in the Beginner's Luck Package. The Manual will arrive by Priority Mail (first class air for Canadian and foreign addresses) while the PDQ files will arrive as PDFs in your email box. (Ordering FAQs)

Beginner's Luck Package Deal   $99.99   


499 Names for your Resale ShopNaming your consignment, resale, thrift or secondhand shop
Want the perfect name? You'll have it in no time flat with 499 Names for your Resale Shop! Also your resource to find great suggestions for name changes, naming a second shop, your new outlet store or a department within your shop. Even ad headlines, taglines and tweets! 

Buying or selling a shop? Our Business Valuation Worksheet PLUS Selling/Buying a Resale Shop gives you the basic info to start becoming an expert.

Got questions? I'll bet it's been answered over on Ask Auntie Kate, a special section of our TGtbT Blog!

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HTC Pre-Educates your clientele for you...so you and they BOTH make more money.

Why TGtbT.com is the true resource for resalers.

Is the manual for you if you want to sell furniture and home decor? Yes! Want to sell furniture, home goods or decor? Yes, the Manual is for you too.

The Top 6 FAQs about Resale

How much space?
For clothing, a minimum of 1200 square feet. 1200 is manageable by one or two people and gives you enough space to offer a wide selection. A smaller shop will not be able to hold the selection that will encourage frequent visits. A larger store needs more staff than you likely can afford to start. If you will sell larger items such as furniture or sporting goods, you will need more space.

Which location?
What makes a space perfect for resale? Visibility to foot and car traffic, an easy-to-locate address, parking and access to the parking lot, signage, and neighbors who attract the type of customers you want. Saving money on rent is not the best way to make money. A large rent is scary, but a bad location is deadly. There's hundreds of ways to save money elsewhere, such as the inexpensive ways to make your shop look professional in Shop Sizzle.

How do I get merchandise in before I open?
Alert family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. Shop for items you can resell. Display only the types of items you wish to deal in. There's all sorts of ways to make your shop look "full" even on Day One in the Manual.

What’s the best way to advertise?
Don't rely solely on online social media. These are great, but they only RETAIN current customers; they seldom help you build your customer base. Broadcast e-mail, fliers and mailed pieces as well as an informative web site should be your go-to advertising; and don't overlook the media. Words that Sell!  will help you. See ALL our Products for the Professional Resaler

How much can I make?
The sky is truly the limit. With energy and commitment, the only thing that could hold you back is insufficient knowledge. That, TGtbT offers in our Products for the Professional Resaler.

Is resale for me?
Take our quiz, excerpted from the Manual, FREE, to find out if this wonderful career is for you.

Okay, Kate, I want to get started learning how to be a success

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TGtbT.com is the premier web site for professional resalers. Start a consignment, resale or thrift store with our free articles and the TGtbT.com Products for the Professional Resaler. Interested in how to open a consignment shop, business plans, operating your shop, consignment software and selling secondhand clothes, upscale designer fashions, children's gear or used furniture? Consignment shops, resale stores, thrift stores and consignment sales use Too Good to be Threw. As a lifelong member of NARTS and a consignment consultant, our information is designed specifically for the resale industry.

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