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Products to Help your Consignment, Resale or Thrift Shop THRIVE: It's not a pipe dream, having a gently-used shop that makes you rich.  Everything to keep your resale, consignment or thrift shop thriving is here from Too Good to be Threw's Products for the Professional Resaler.

 What a PDQ is, shipping, and more. See all our Products at once.


Is it time for your consignment shop to start buying outright?


The Big Book of Buying Outright for Resale ShopsGross profits of up to 90%?
 Yes. With smart buying of merchandise to resell. Read all about:

Buying Outright...is it for me?
Should I start my shop as a Buy-Outright?
How do I learn to buy outright?
How much should I pay?
How can I switch from consigning to buying?
Maintaining and Managing my Open-to-Buy
Face-to-Face with your Seller
How do other shopkeepers do it?

And there's more than just profits to be made...reap the hidden benefits!

The BIG Book of Buying Outright, PDQ, 
44 pages, $19.95 or buy it hard-copy

THRIVE in the resale industry...thousands are!

Make your Resale Shop SIZZLE with the help of TGtbT.com

Secrets of Successful Resalers from Too Good to be Threw

How to Make More Money from Too Good to be Threw, Products for the Professional Resaler

Shop Sizzle
"Selling the sizzle" makes your merchandise more tempting. Simple, quick, and useful for shops of all types and budgets. 10 topics: Showcases: Make them magnetic! Dressing Rooms: More than just a place to change The Simplest Windows: Done in a flash, flashily! Customer Welcome Areas: Entry, sitting areas, play areas Mannequins, 2ways and 4ways: Stop traffic in its tracks Accessories: Build profits with presentation Swing Shops: Tempting them with what they want to buy Shelving, counters, tables and more: Displays that sell These Four Walls: Turning them into sales tools Holiday decor: Making your shop special

Available as a PDQ $24 or Buy it hard-copy

Secrets of Successful Resalers
Including 9 "Million Dollar" Ideas

Resale Secrets about
◙ Store layout
◙ Dressing rooms
◙ Free (or nearly so) window displays
◙ Making it easy on your customer
◙ Making it easy on your supplier
◙ Freshening up stock
◙ Tooting your own horn
◙ Giving customers more than they expect
◙ Cleaning around your store
◙ Additional services
◙ Increasing your profitability
◙ Learning more secrets!

Available as a PDQ $5.95 
How to 
Make More Money

Making more money is easy. 
All you have to do is sell more, then keep more. 
Then decide: expand? Move? Improve? What to do during the slow season? 
How to set priorities? 
If you could use a starting point for your journey to financial success in your business, this is what you're looking for.
Available as a PDQ $21.95
Shop Sizzle
Make More Money

Products for the Professional Resaler

Resale Business Valuation Kit from TGtbT.com

Business Valuation Kit

Examining your worth is a way to track progress. If your business is worth more today than it was last year, you're growing. Take a look at your business the way a financial advisor would, in private and without costly consultation fees!  The Business Valuation Kit has three parts: a fill-in-the-blanks form designed to guide your financial decisions and to introduce the concept of valuing your business. After you try this valuation, you'll be much more comfortable learning more detailed aspects of valuation. Also included is Selling your Shop and Buying a Resale Business for more ways to look at the financial attributes you have developed.
Available as a PDQ $10.99 
or Buy it hard-copy   

Resalers' Resource List:
Your Employee Handbook

This list of Internet resources will guide you in creating your Employee Handbook, where you can formalize your expectations for your employees and what they can expect from you. An employee handbook covers such things as perks, hours, business mission and professional deportment. An Employee Handbook is not a store policies handbook nor a job description resource, which future Products for the Professional Resaler will address, 
Available as a PDQ $6.99

Team Work: Staffing your Store

We took the out-of-print Staffing your Store, we added triple the information you need to run a shop with the help of staffers or volunteers, and we made it all easily-accessible and easy to implement.

 34 pages of information for the new-to-being Boss to the old pro who wonders why the shop's employees are not as thrilled to be at work ... nor as productive... as she is.

 If there's ever anyone helping in your shop besides you...this book will help them, you, and your business become better!
Available as a PDQ $18.99


Business Valuation
Resource List: Handbook
Team Work: Staffing

TGtbT.com: "The difference between most resalers and you? You're here to learn!"

Pakaways: More Freedom, More Profit for Consignment, Resale, and Thrift Shops

Halloween is the BUGGEST Money-Making Holiday for Resale, Thrift, & Consignment Shops 

Make $10,000 more a year in your resale shop

Pakaways: More Freedom, More Profit

Not everything needs to be disposed of when it's been on your selling floor long enough. Learn how putting unsold items aside for another season or another use is a surefire way to increase customer satisfaction as well as shop profits. When, what, and how to pull for pakaway; what to donate instead of save; how to store and when to reintroduce them to your merchandise mix. Complete discussion in 6 pages that can help you double your profit margins in a matter of months!
Available as a PDQ  $5.99

How to have a Frightfully Good Halloween and Build your Costume Business Year-Round
Help them get it all together Costume Ideas f
Get them in the mood
Decorating fantastically!  
Using Halloween to Build Traffic
Halloween Activities
Dress-up Trunks
Fantasy: never out of season
Build a year-round costume business 
Collecting costumes
Buying outright
to gather costumes
Silly Halloween Riddles
For the kid in you or for the kid in your shop. These make fun "Halloween Fortune" handouts too!

Available as a PDQ  $7.99 

10 Simple
Low- or No-Cost Ways to make
$10,000 more a year
These ideas were originally gathered for shopkeepers who felt they couldn’t afford the annual NARTS conferences.
I wanted to show how easy it can be to make “extra” profit. And cutting waste makes more money too. 
I focused on making only $100 more per month because about $1200 is what is needed to attend Conference. Build on these $100 more a month ideas, use them consistently and develop them, and you will make $10,000 more a year!

If your shop is not supporting you in the style you'd like...
you need these 10 Ways!

Available as a PDQ $9.99

10 Simple Ways 

Build your Business Products      Growing Business Products     All our Products

Holidays in Resale: Christmas can be GOOD for Consignment Shops

ReSell...RePlace...ReJoice with HowToConsign.com

Blogging for
Resale Shops

Do you have a blog? Maybe it's abandoned or you never really got it going. Maybe it’s a part of your social media tactics, but you dread having to blog. If you’ve ever thought about a blog for your bricks-&-mortar shop, we're here to help. 

Or maybe you’re frustrated because it always seems like something on your web site is out of date. In the case of the out-of-date web site, your shop blog is ready to help.

This 35-page guide, complete with over 70 links to professional assistance, has everything you need to get started quickly and easily on a blog you, and your viewers, will love!

Available as a 35-page PDQ $29.95

Holidays in Resale: Make the Season Brighter for your Clientele... and your Shop

Yes, you can have as great a gift-buying, celebration-supplying business as the "real" stores. Read about

Preparing for the Holidays 
Ad heads/ email subject lines
Themes and decor ideas
Dress the window ONCE
Selling & Gift Certificates
BEST Promo: Help a Charity

Find out how to make November and December months that you'll love!

Available as a 22-page PDQ  $21.95

Want more customers and suppliers? Get them for less than the price of a latte a week when your shop's on the Resale Shop Directory at HowToConsign.com

Become a Professional Resaler Sponsor today!

Blogging for Resale Shops
Holidays in Resale


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